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If you notice, remediation is the noun form of remedy, and a remedy is either a medicine or treatment to address a disease or injury; or to set right, in reference to a situation. Thus, remediation is the act of making something right. Environmental remediation is focused on reversing or stopping environmental damage so the environment is made whole again. Specifically, environmental remediation is the removal of contaminants from the environment, including from the soil and water.

Eagle Remediation & Demolition Services offers environmental remediation services in Springtown, Texas. Our experts not only offer traditional soil and groundwater remediation services, but we also offer underground storage tank removal and oil and gas remediation as well. We are passionate about protecting our environment by helping to reverse damage done by humans. If you are in need of environmental remediation services in Springtown, give us a call today.


  • Soil remediation

  • Groundwater remediation

  • Underground storage tank (UST) removal

  • Hydraulic lift removal

  • Soil screening & stabilization

  • Oil & gas remediation

  • Oil/water separator removal

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“In nature, nothing exists alone.”

― Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

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On the surface, environmental remediation involves the remediation of soil and water from chemical spills, industrial contamination, and more. However, the more important reason for environmental remediation is to protect the people and the environment from the harm that exposure to these chemicals can cause. Hazardous waste and radioactive waste are of particular concern since these can cause cancer and other potentially damaging health conditions in humans. While the effects of hazardous wastes are less known on animals, there is no doubt that the poisons in the environment affect them as well.

Another reason for environmental remediation is to determine the use of the land once it has undergone the environmental remediation process. Chemicals and even radiation exist naturally in the environment, and humans can live and work around low levels and be healthy. Environmental remediation can restore the land back to its former use or restore it enough to still be used for industrial operations or maybe even housing. Every situation and site are unique, which is why partnering with environmental remediation experts is the key to determining the next steps forward for the land. Whether you are just trying to improve the aesthetics of the land, or you are trying to drastically decrease any negative impact on drinking water, soil, or crops, environmental remediation services can accomplish these goals and more.

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Here at Eagle Remediation & Demolition Services in Springtown, we have years of experience of helping companies and individuals clean up environments after the soil or water has been contaminated in some way. We are experts in the environmental remediation process and all the steps you have to take to ensure the soil or water is restored as before. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established standards for the environmental remediation process that we must follow. In addition, there are also state and local laws that add another level of compliance that may apply. When you partner with a professional environmental remediation company, you can rest assured that your remediation service will be compliant and complete.

Another reason to partner with Eagle Remediation & Demolition Services is the knowledge and understanding of what it will take to remediate an area and their ability to communicate this to the community at large. Most people don't like it when roads or popular areas are shut down. Environmental remediation experts can explain the reasoning over the need for rezoning, recommend the type of rezoning, and give a good timeframe for when the area will be ready for use again. All rezoning efforts are to protect the community; if these efforts are ignored, the legal consequences for not doing so are significant.

Eagle Remediation & Demolition Services offers the residents of Springtown and the surrounding community exceptional environmental remediation services. Our expertise and success are due to our exceptional staff who are dedicated to discovering and restoring land back to its use. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. We stay on top of all of the recent regulation changes, we understand the applicable remediation laws, and we keep all of our licenses current. We invest in our staff with on-going training, and safety is our top priority for all involved in the environmental remediation process. Partner with us today.

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