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Whether you are walking, riding your bike, taking a bus to work, commuting, or flying to visit friends, we all use some form of transportation every day. It's integral to the life and times that we live in, and frankly, it makes life extremely enjoyable. Transportation is also the backbone of the goods we see in our grocery stores, restaurants, and clothing stores. Thousands of trucks travel our highway system every day, bringing goods to your favorite coffee shop and hardware store. In fact, it's safe to say life as we know it would not exist without transportation services.

Eagle Remediation & Demolition Services maintains a fleet of vehicles to manage your transportation and disposal needs. Eagle’s fleet includes end dumps, flatbeds, box trailers, drum trucks, and drum trailers ready to support our turnkey environmental services, as well as meet any other transportation and disposal needs you may have. Our drivers possess the correct endorsements and certifications for hazardous waste transportation, and all have years of experience and training under their belts. Our mission is to exceed our customers' expectations every time. When you partner with us for all of your transportation needs, you can rest assured that you'll be taken care of. Call our environmental remediation company for all your hazardous waste transportation and disposal needs today!

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  • Drum haulers

  • End dumps

  • Box trailers

  • High-side demolition trailers

  • Roll-off truck

  • Vacuum truck


  • Drum haulers. Our drum haulers are specially made to carry drums, which hold hazardous wastes most of the time. Drums can hold petroleum products, solvents, corrosives, flammable liquids, and more.

  • High-side demolition trailers. On a demolition site, you get building material and debris of all different sizes and shapes. A high-side demolition trailer is open on top so you can stack odd objects, and it will ensure nothing will fall out during transport services. Example materials are concrete, studs, roofing material, drywall, and more.

  • Box trailers. Box trailers are enclosed, which is nice for when the Texas wind kicks up here in Springtown. Our box trailers can carry demolition debris, as well as soil if need be. They also can carry asbestos so they are not exposed to the environment.

  • Roll-off truck. Roll-off trucks are popular for your hauling and transportation needs. They look like a big dumpster with wheels, and they are able to hold a variety of materials, from any type of object found on a demolition site to other materials.

  • Vacuum truck. Our vacuum truck is perfect for transporting any liquid material. It is designed to suck liquid or semi-liquid materials easily and swiftly, such as sludges, water, and more. If we have to use hydro excavation, this is our go-to vehicle for pulling in debris to our tanks.

  • End dump. Our end dump trucks are great for hauling all types of debris, especially for demolition. It's easy to load and unload materials such as steel and wood, and it's great for hauling away road materials and snow.

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  • Construction materials

  • Debris

  • Explosives, gases, and flammable liquids

  • Debris from demolition sites

  • Contaminated soil

  • Corrosives

  • Asbestos

  • Solvents

  • Petroleum products

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Eagle Remediation and Demolition Services offers transportation services in the Springtown area. We can transport both hazardous waste as well as non-hazardous waste. Many of our customers, from industrial and governmental to commercial businesses use us for all of their environmental solutions and demolition needs. We offer comprehensive services designed to handle a job from start to finish, whether you are looking for environmental remediation or for a concrete demolition job. We can provide the analysis, the treatment, the transportation, and the disposal for chemical and petroleum spills to soil contamination and demolition jobs. Our expert crew and trained in all aspects of the job, and they undergo on-going training in order to keep up with the latest in regulation changes.

As you can see, with hazardous waste transportation, it's important to be compliant with all regulations. As an environmental remediation company, we've seen the results of hazardous waste that has been improperly disposed of. Not only does this harm the environment and the animals that live there, but ultimately, we are harming ourselves. Hazardous waste can end up in our waterways, which then can affect all of us. When you invest with a reliable and dependable transportation service in Springtown such as Eagle Remediation and Demolition Services, you can rest assured that your hazardous and non-hazardous waste will be disposed of responsibly.

If you are looking for transportation services for your building materials or environmental waste, give Eagle a call today. Our team always puts the customer first, and we do everything we can to accommodate your schedule. Contact our environmental remediation company for your hazardous waste disposal needs today!

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